Midweek Sampler 2013

ABPnews Sampler 12.18.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 12.18.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 12.11.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 12.11.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 12.04.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 12.04.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.27.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.27.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.20.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.20.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.13.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.13.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.06.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.06.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.30.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.30.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.23.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.23.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.16.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.16.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.09.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.09.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.02.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.02.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.25.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.25.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.18.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.18.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.11.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.11.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.04.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.04.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.28.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.28.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.21.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.21.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.14.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.14.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.07.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.07.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.31.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.31.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.24.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.24.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.17.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.17.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.10.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.10.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.03.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.03.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.26.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.26.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.19.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.19.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.12.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.12.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.05.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.05.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.29.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.29.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.22.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.22.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.15.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.15.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.08.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.08.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.01.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.01.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.24.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.24.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.17.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.17.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.10.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.10.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.03.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.03.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.27.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.27.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.20.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.20.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.13.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.13.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.06.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.06.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.27.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.27.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.20.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.20.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.13.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.13.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.06.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.06.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.30.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.30.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.23.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.23.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.16.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.16.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.09.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.09.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.02.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.02.13 (black & white)


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Midweek Sampler 2012

ABPnews Weekly 12.19.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 12.19.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 12.12.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 12.12.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 12.05.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 12.05.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 11.28.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 11.28.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 11.14.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 11.14.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 11.07.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 11.07.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.31.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.31.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.24.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.24.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.17.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.17.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.10.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.10.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.03.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.03.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.26.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.26.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.19.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.19.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.12.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.12.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.05.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.05.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.29.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.29.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.22.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.22.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.15.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.15.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.08.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.08.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.01.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.01.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 07.25.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 07.25.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 07.18.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 07.18.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 07.11.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 07.11.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.27.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.27.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.20.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.20.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.13.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.13.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.06.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.06.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.30.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.30.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.23.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.23.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.09.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.09.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.02.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.02.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.25.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.25.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.18.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.18.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.11.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.11.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.04.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.04.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.28.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.28.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.21.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.21.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.14.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.14.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.07.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.07.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.29.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.29.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.22.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.22.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.15.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.15.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.08.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.08.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.01.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.01.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.25.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.25.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.18.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.18.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.11.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.11.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.04.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.04.12 (black & white)

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Transitions 07.25.14

Please submit transitions — including staff changes, ordinations, anniversaries or deaths — to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This page will be updated weekly.



Nathan C. Brooks III, installed as pastor emeritus at Peakland Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Va., where he served as pastor from 1966 to 1999.

Leigh Anne Bryant, to South Main Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, as children’s ministry associate.

David Cockes, to Preston Oaks Baptist Church, Roanoke, Va., as interim pastor.

Tom Doss, to Clifford Baptist Church, Amherst, Va., as minister of music, effective Aug. 1.

John Duncan, to First Baptist Church, San Marcos, Texas, as interim pastor.

Robert Fisher, to Plainfield (N.H.) Community Baptist Church, as interim pastor.

Boyd Herrington, to Newsoms (Va.) Baptist Church, as interim pastor.

Tripp Hudgins, to American Baptist Seminary of the West, Berkeley, Calif., as director of admissions. He had been director of faith formation and family life at First Baptist Church in Palto Alto, Calif.

Mark W. Jones, to Memorial Baptist Church, Staunton, Va., as pastor, effective Aug. 1. He comes from the pastorate of First Baptist Church, Darlington, S.C.

Rhonda Marstin, to Woman’s Missionary Union of Virginia, as children’s missions coordinator. She is a teacher with Pittsylvania County Schools and a member of Midway Baptist Church in Gretna, Va., where her husband serves as pastor.

Sarah Holik Murray, to First Baptist Church, Griffin, Ga., as minister to children and families. She comes from First Baptist Church, Fitzgerald, Ga., where she served as minister of preschool, children and senior adults.

David E. Roberts, to Calvary Baptist Church, Roanoke, Va., as interim pastor.

Lia Claire Scholl, to Wake Forest Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N.C., as senior pastor. She most recently was pastor at the Gateway Community Church in Bali, Indonesia. 

Carolyn Yeldell Staley, to Bethlehem United Methodist Church, Lonoke, Ark., as pastor. She comes from Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, Little Rock, Ark., where she served as associate pastor.

Beth Sullivan, to Main Street Baptist Church, Georgetown, Texas, as interim preschool director.

Kenneth Ussery, concluding his tenure as associate minister to senior adults and pastoral care at First Baptist Church, McKinney, Texas. 


Lauren McDuffie, to be ordained to ministry on July 27 by Glendale Baptist Church, Nashville, Tenn.

Fran Mitchell, ordained to ministry on July 20 by Central Baptist Church-Fountain City, Knoxville, Tenn. 


Doris Joe “Caudle” Blacker, 79, died July 8 in York, Ariz. As a missionary for the American Baptist Home Mission Societies, in the 1980s she and husband, Robert, served the Hopi-Navajo congregation at Keams Canyon (Ariz.) Community Church. In 1992 they relocated to Morenci, Ariz., to pastor Shepherd of the Hills Church. In addition to her husband she is survived by two daughters, Carrie Prather and Cindy McFarland; son, Craig Blacker; six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

S. Dallas Simmons, 74, died July 5 in Richmond, Va. He was president of Virginia Union University in Richmond, from 1985 to 1999 and is credited with leading a makeover of the Baptist-affiliated school during his tenure, including a renovation of the building which houses VUU’s School of Theology. He is survived by his wife, Yvonne; a son; a daughter and three grandchildren. A memorial service was held July 11 in the Allix B. James Chapel on VUU’s campus. 

John Yarborough, 79, died June 20 in New Orleans. A native of Jackson, Miss., he had served as organist at St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans for decades. A dermatologist in private practice and classical pianist and organist, he is survived by his wife, Ann Bragg Yarborough; a daughter and granddaughter. A memorial service was held June 28 at St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church. 


Hank Henry, 10years as associate minister of missions at First Baptist Church, Midland, Texas.

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Transitions 07.18.14

Please submit transitions — including staff changes, ordinations, anniversaries or deaths — to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This page will be updated weekly.



Dean and Lisa Allen, concluding their ministry as pastors of Fernwood Baptist Church, Spartanburg, S.C.

Matt Boshen, to Berea Baptist Church, Rockville, Va., as director of youth and young adults.

Bo Bowen, to Dunwoody (Ga.) Baptist Church, as minister of adult spiritual formation.

Ryan Busby, to Bosqueville Baptist Church, Waco, Texas, as pastor.

Inaldo Camelo, to Second Baptist Church, Richmond, Va., as pastor of its Portuguese language ministry. He has been a pastor in Brazil and California.

Scott Doran, to Lynch Station (Va.) Baptist Church, as pastor. He comes from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Troutville, Va., where he served as youth pastor.

Ron W. Handlon, to First Baptist Church, Cocoa, Fla., as pastor, effective Sept. 1. He comes from the pastorate of Buckhead Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Kathryn Hartgrove, to First Baptist Church, Decatur, Ga., as worship arts leader, effective Aug. 4.

Brad Jernberg, to South Main Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, as business administrator. He comes from Cliff Temple Baptist Church, Dallas, where he served as minister of music and administration.

Bryan Jones, to NorthStar Church Network, Annandale, Va., as associate executive director. He comes from First Baptist Church, Alexandria, Va., where he served as pastor of discipleship.

Alex Kacere, to NorthStar Church, Blacksburg, Va., as youth minister.

Joseph Lively, to Clover Bottom Baptist Church, Nathalie, Va., as pastor.

Scott and Kim Looney, concluding their tenure as minister to youth and families and minister to children and families, respectively, at First Baptist Church, Memphis, Tenn., to relocate to Syracuse, N.Y., effective July 31.

Tanya Mabry, now serving as interim children’s director at Second Baptist Church, Memphis, Tenn.

Bryant Moxley, resigning as minister of music at First Baptist Church, Bluefield, W.Va., to accept a new position in Raleigh, N.C.

Neal Nelson, to NorthStar Church, Blacksburg, Va., as associate pastor.

Jacques Rancourt, concluding his ministry as pastor for discipleship and evangelism at Manassas (Va.) Baptist Church.

John E. Saunders Jr., to Roanoke (Va.) Valley Baptist Association, as director of missions. For the past 19 years he has served as director of missions for Yates Baptist Association, Durham, N.C.

Carl Tolbert, to First Baptist Church, Laurens, S.C., as minister of youth and recreation, effective Aug. 1. 


John S. Etcher, announcing plans to retire as pastor of Ivy Memorial Baptist Church, Hampton, Va., effective Oct. 26.

Sharon Ludwig, retiring as associate minister for Christian formation at Second Baptist Church, Memphis, Tenn., after nearly 18 years of ministry there.

Brad Price, retiring as minister of missions and graphic arts at First Baptist Church, Norman, Okla., following 13 years of ministry there.  


Cinda Smith, ordained to ministry on June 29 by First Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas. 


N. Barth Omar, 97, died July 1 in Vero Beach, Fla. He was an American Baptist pastor serving First Baptist Church, Newtown Square, Pa.; Calvary Baptist Church, Salem, Ore.; and Broadway Baptist Church in Paterson, N.J., where he served for nearly 24 years until his retirement in 1979. He served on the board of Eastern Baptist Seminary and Eastern College. In retirement he was interim pastor of four churches. He is survived by his wife, Margaret; three children, Barbara Barth Frink, Barry N. Barth and Bruce W. Barth; six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.  


Tony Beach, 15years as associate pastor of Fort Trial Baptist Church, Stanleytown, Va.

Lew Bennett, 15 years as pastor of First Baptist Church, Bassett, Va.

Tiffany Hamilton, 15 years as minister to youth and families at First Baptist Church, Clemson, S.C.

Emily Hull McGee, 5 years as minister to young adults, Highland Baptist Church, Louisville, Ky.

Clyde Murray Jr., 5 years as associate pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church, Danville, Va.

Rocky Taylor, 20 years as minister of music and associate pastor of First Baptist Church, Conway, S.C.

William W. Wallace, 30 years as pastor of State Line Baptist Church, Danville, Va.

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