Transitions 08.08.14

Please submit transitions — including staff changes, ordinations, anniversaries or deaths — to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This page will be updated weekly.



Jeremy Colliver, to Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, Ga., as minister to families with youth.

Ron Cumbie, to Ephesus Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, N.C., as interim pastor.

Michael Duncan, to First Baptist Church, Drexel, N.C., as senior pastor.

Andrew Hoots, resigning as youth minister at The Memorial Baptist Church, Greenville, N.C., to begin a chaplain residency in campus ministry.

Andy Johnson, to First Baptist Church, Emporium, Pa., as intentional interim pastor.

Dave Jones, now serving as full-time pastor of First Baptist Church, Berwick, Pa.

Blake Kersey, to First Baptist Church, Decatur, Ala., as senior pastor, effective Aug. 10. He comes from First Baptist Church, Trussville, Ala., where he served as children’s minister.

Melissa Kessler, to Grandin Court Baptist Church, Roanoke, Va., as minister to youth and missional activities.

Todd Kube, to Dover Baptist Church, Manakin-Sabot, Va., as pastor.

Dan McFaden, to Sharon Baptist Church, King William, Va., as interim pastor.

Dan Nicewonger, to First Baptist Church, Kennett Square, Pa., as pastor.

Gary Price, resigning as pastor of First Baptist Church, Eldorado, Texas.

Mike Sayler, to First Baptist Church, McMinnville, Ore., as interim pastor.

Nathan Stein, to Breedtown Baptist Church, Titusville, Pa., as full-time pastor.

Sandy Stillman-Alvin, to Heritage Baptist Church, Wake Forest, N.C., as minister of music.

Jeremy Taylor, to First Baptist Church, Lewisville, Texas, as student minister.

Chris Wondree, to May Memorial Baptist Church, Powhatan, Va., as youth minister.

Ryan Wood, resigning as minister to university students at First Baptist Church, Stephensville, Texas. 


Ron Bradley, announcing plans to retire as pastor of First Baptist Church, Roswell, Ga., in November.

Lytle Buckingham, retiring as pastor of Sharon Baptist Church, King William, Va.

Beverly Lindsey, retiring as pastor of Chester (N.H.) Congregational & Baptist Church, following 20 years of ministry there. 


Kevin Branham, to be ordained to ministry on Aug. 10 by Gayton Baptist Church, Richmond, Va. He is pastor of Ray of Hope Church, Richmond, Va.

Angel Pagan Jr., ordained to ministry on June 20 by Calvary Baptist Church, Norristown, Pa., where he serves as pastoral assistant.

Lawrence Powers, to be ordained by Oakmont Baptist Church, Greenville, N.C., on Aug 24. He is minister to college students at Oakmont and a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina campus minister.


Donald G. Holtzapple, 83, died July 31 in Mansfield, Ohio. He served as pastor of Diamond Hills Baptist Church, in Mansfield for 16 years. He also served numerous churches as interim pastor throughout the years, retiring from First Baptist Church, Defiance, Ohio, after 11 years. He is survived by his wife, Janet; three children, Philip Holtzapple, Laura Martin and Carol Underwood; nine grandchildren; and eleven great-grandchildren.

Gerald M. Rowe, 93, died June 18 in Ripton, Vt. He was pastor of Advent Christian Church, Schenectady, N.Y., where he served from 1948-58. He then accepted the call to be pastor of Ilsley Memorial Baptist Church, Middlebury, Vt., where he served for 27 years. He held numerous positions in the Vermont State Baptist Convention, including trustee and president. After retiring he was interim pastor for several churches. He is survived by his wife, Persis; two children, Michael S. Rowe and Melinda R. Williams; two grandchildren and a great-grandson. 


Roger Crump, 10 years as pastor of Sycamore Baptist Church, Franklin, Va.

Tim Hobbs, 10 years as pastor of Community Baptist Church, Henderson, Ky. 

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Transitions 08.01.14

Please submit transitions — including staff changes, ordinations, anniversaries or deaths — to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This page will be updated weekly.



Chad Bertrand, to First Baptist Church, Gatesville, Texas, as pastor, effective Aug. 24. He comes from Sienna Ranch Baptist Church, Missouri City, Texas, where he served as pastor of teaching and missions.

Ellen Brown, to First Baptist Church, Delaware, Ohio, as interim pastor.

Casey Callahan, to First Baptist Church, Asheville, N.C., as minister with students. He comes from First Baptist Church, Clemson, S.C., where he served as minister of students and mission.

Randy Cheeley, concluding his tenure as pastor of Dinwiddie (Va.) Baptist Church.

Travis Collins, to First Baptist Church, Huntsville, Ala., as interim preacher. He is a staff member of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board and a regional coordinator for Fresh Expressions US.

Timothy Dalton, to First Baptist Church, White Plains, N.Y., as pastor, effective in September.

Tim Hill, to Providence Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C., as minister of music.

Chris Langdon, concluding his tenure as music ministry director at First Baptist Church, West Jefferson, N.C. 

Steve Miller, to Harmony Hills Baptist Church, Bettendorf, Iowa, as pastor.

Brooke C. Reich, to Chowan University, Murfreesboro, N.C., as associate director of university relations. She previously was marketing brand manager with Golden Acres Genetics Ltd. in Waco, Texas.

Mark Ridings, concluding his tenure as interim director of music at Southside Baptist Church, Birmingham, Ala., to become minister of music at First Methodist Church, Buford, Ga.

Jim Stone, concluding his ministry as pastor of Sappony Baptist Church, Stony Creek, Va.

Jeremy Spence, concluding his tenure as associate minister at First Baptist Church, Hamilton, Ohio.

Peter Sprague, to Community Baptist Church, Kodiak, Alaska, as pastor.

Denise Vanaidis, to First Baptist Church, Tulsa, Okla., as director of volunteer ministries.

Jason Volovar, to Calvary Baptist Church, Youngstown, Ohio, as music minister.

Tim Wagner, to First Baptist Church, Wilmington, Ohio, as pastor.


Robert McIntosh Sr., retiring as pastor of Lakemont Baptist Church, Petersburg, Va., due to health reasons.

Gary Taylor, retiring as choir director at Neill’s Creek Baptist Church, Angier, N.C., where he has served since 1970.


Fran Mitchell, ordained to ministry on July 20 by Central Baptist Church-Fountain City, Knoxville, Tenn., where she serves as family life center coordinator.

Bryant Moxley, ordained to ministry on July 30 by First Baptist Church, Bluefield, W. Va., where he served as minister of music. 


William Larry Davidson, 62, died July 18 in Birmingham, Ala. A chaplain endorsed by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, he marked 34 years as chaplain at the Baptist Medical Center earlier this year. He also served as pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church, Ramer, Ala., for 16 years. He is survived by his wife, Pam; sons, Bill and Matt; daughter, Abbie; and three grandchildren.


Matthew Childress, 5 years as pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church, Norfolk, Va.

Ted Dougherty, 10 years as pastor of Taylorsville Baptist Church, Doswell, Va.

Kay Ellerman, 25years as minister of music at First Baptist Church, Radford, Va.

Larry Haun, 30 years as pastor of Fredericksburg (Va.) Baptist Church.

Marty Watts, 10 years as minister of music at First Baptist Church, Griffin, Ga.

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Midweek Sampler 2013

ABPnews Sampler 12.18.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 12.18.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 12.11.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 12.11.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 12.04.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 12.04.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.27.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.27.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.20.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.20.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.13.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.13.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 11.06.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 11.06.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.30.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.30.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.23.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.23.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.16.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.16.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.09.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.09.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 10.02.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 10.02.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.25.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.25.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.18.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.18.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.11.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.11.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 09.04.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 09.04.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.28.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.28.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.21.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.21.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.14.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.14.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 08.07.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 08.07.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.31.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.31.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.24.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.24.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.17.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.17.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.10.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.10.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 07.03.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 07.03.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.26.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.26.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.19.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.19.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.12.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.12.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 06.05.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 06.05.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.29.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.29.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.22.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.22.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.15.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.15.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.08.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.08.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 05.01.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 05.01.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.24.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.24.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.17.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.17.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.10.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.10.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 04.03.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 04.03.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.27.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.27.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.20.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.20.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.13.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.13.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 03.06.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 03.06.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.27.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.27.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.20.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.20.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.13.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.13.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 02.06.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 02.06.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.30.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.30.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.23.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.23.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.16.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.16.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.09.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.09.13 (black & white)

ABPnews Sampler 01.02.13 (color)

ABPnews Sampler 01.02.13 (black & white)


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Midweek Sampler 2012

ABPnews Weekly 12.19.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 12.19.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 12.12.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 12.12.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 12.05.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 12.05.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 11.28.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 11.28.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 11.14.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 11.14.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 11.07.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 11.07.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.31.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.31.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.24.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.24.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.17.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.17.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.10.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.10.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 10.03.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 10.03.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.26.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.26.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.19.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.19.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.12.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.12.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 09.05.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 09.05.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.29.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.29.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.22.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.22.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.15.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.15.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.08.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.08.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 08.01.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 08.01.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 07.25.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 07.25.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 07.18.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 07.18.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 07.11.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 07.11.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.27.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.27.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.20.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.20.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.13.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.13.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 06.06.12 (color) 

ABPnews Weekly 06.06.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.30.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.30.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.23.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.23.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.09.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.09.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 05.02.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 05.02.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.25.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.25.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.18.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.18.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.11.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.11.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 04.04.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 04.04.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.28.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.28.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.21.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.21.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.14.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.14.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 03.07.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 03.07.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.29.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.29.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.22.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.22.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.15.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.15.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.08.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.08.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 02.01.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 02.01.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.25.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.25.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.18.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.18.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.11.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.11.12 (black & white)

ABPnews Weekly 01.04.12 (color)

ABPnews Weekly 01.04.12 (black & white)

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