The ancient practice which involves walking a maze while praying has become more popular among Baptists as Christians in general are adopting more eclectic spiritual disciplines.

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Being ranked high in Bible reading and devotion isn't as important as living the life Christ wants his followers to have, pastors down South and back East say.

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Leaders say Steven Porter has the right combination of field experience and scholarly insight to lead the CBF missions enterprise into the 21st century.

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Leaders of national Baptist disaster-relief efforts say recent twisters and other storms have created damage more common to hurricanes that require a wide distribution of volunteers, equipment and money.

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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 16:36

CBF names global missions coordinator

StevenPorter webSteven Porter, who served as executive director of Touching Miami with Love 2001-2005, has been named new CBF coordinator of global missions.

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Now cleared to enter devastated towns in Arkansas, Baptist relief groups are moving in to help even as continuing violent weather is creating new victims. 

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A prominent CBF pastor says he is stepping down to support his wife’s calling as a pastor.

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 But waiting doesn't mean doing nothing, officials say.

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Immigration reform advocates say they’re impressed with a broad-based religious coalition forming around the issue, but say there also needs to be more involvement from people in the pews.

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Seeing the connection between the environment, economies and the basic need for water is luring an increasing number of churches to delve into domestic and international water ministry.

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