Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley

Jeff Brumley is assistant editor of ABPnews/Herald.

Coaches from the Kentucky-based Baptist school are in Costa Rica holding coaching clinics, working in orphanages and knocking on doors to share the gospel.

Stress of deployments and even downsizing can be lessened for military members actively involved in their congregations. 

Church revitalization is increasing, but is there enough interest to spark change?

Ngwedla Paul Msiza, a pastor from Pretoria, is only the second African to lead the BWA and will take office in July 2015. 

Everything from government red tape to American attitudes against immigrants pose difficulties to Baptist relief groups seeking to help thousands of immigrant children on U.S.-Mexico border.

They don’t preach or condemn, but a small group of Baptist volunteers is building a community of prostitutes who understand God loves them — and that’s transformative.

Hundreds of campers volunteered at eight nonprofits and ministries around Jacksonville.

The  zombies and vampires genre has as much to say about the culture that glorifies them as it does the church in its struggles within society, Duke Divinity's Curtis Freeman says during a session at CBF General Assembly last week.

Women ministers tell ABPnews/Herald dinner at CBF General Assembly that women are making headway as pastors in Fellowship churches, but much work must be done to stop many from leaving for other denominations.

Churches urged to enter 'covenants of action' with other Baptists to transform themselves and their communities. Anti-apartheid activist and Suzii Paynter among voices backing the NBC approach to reconcilation and forgiveness.

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