Robert Dilday

Robert Dilday

Robert Dilday is editor in chief of ABPnews/Herald.

Fifty years after the nation marshaled its forces to eradicate poverty, about 46 million Americans are still numbered among the poor. That has to change, say Christians engaged in the issue.

The dental school will be aimed to impact underserved Appalachian communities.

The church consulting group will make services available to CBFNC congregations.

The ABCUSA’s governing body also endorsed U.S. legislation withholding security aid from the country until its human rights record improves.

The association of 47 Baptist-affiliated colleges and universities also will relocate to Birmingham, Ala.

A former Baptist missionary, she participated in the creation of a covey of moderate Baptist organizations.

She’s the first woman to serve as pastor of one of the nation’s most prominent congregations.

Bluefield College trustees aim to respond to “changing landscape” of American academia.

Southern Baptists may consider recommendation to require affiliated churches to adhere to confessional statement.

The life sentence is considered harsher than the North’s previous punishments of alleged Christian workers.

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