Smuggling and trafficking: What are our responsibilities?

Nell Green

Too often society turns a blind eye and does not want to be involved.

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God’s gonna trouble the water

Rob Lee

Our lives are haunted by our baptisms.

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Missing Gwen

Pam Durso

Searching for the grave of a friend, a Baptist leader realizes that more than a tombstone is missing.

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‘Jesus is my savior, but I’m a killer!’

Alan Bean

There are plenty of mentally unstable people with bizarre opinions afoot in the land, and they seem to be attracted to authoritarian institutions such as law enforcement and the military.

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Should Christians fear being ‘on the wrong side of history?’

Roger Olson

The drift of history does not decide truth.

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Parenting cheat notes for a great school year

Jinny Henson

A few sanity-savers for the new school year.

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Let’s do something about race in America

Marv Knox

Christians can — and must — do more to improve race relations in America.

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Ice bucket do-gooders

Mark Wingfield

What can church leaders learn from Ice Bucket Challenge?

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Freely chosen

Sam Chaise

We need to cultivate spaces of conversation that allow people, without coercion, to discover the God who is there.

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That’s between me and God (and God ain’t talking)

George Bullard

Some people would rather hide behind God than lie.

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The speck is also the log

Eric Minton

Our trouble isn’t that we’re ignorant of the issues besieging our world; it’s that many of us attribute them to the color of someone’s skin.

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Communities, borders and ‘persons of peace’

Corey Fields

Time for Christians to model a new way of engaging.

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Exploring RFRA in light of Hobby Lobby’s narrow victory

Brent Walker and Holly Hollman

We have too much invested in RFRA to allow one decision to prompt an emasculation of that important protection for religious liberty.

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Jesus and brain science agree

Alan Bean

Money kills empathy.

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The death of Mrs. Doubtfire

Bob Setzer

Keeping the hope within and the despair without.

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