For all its flaws, ‘Noah’ raises important questions

Michael Parnell

Churches must be willing and able to answer them.

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The new independent Baptist churches

Mark Wingfield

For many congregations, denominational identity lies in their own missions program.

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God: Still creating, after all these years

Rick Hammer

Christians can be blessed if they’re willing to enlarge their worldview to include “How Stuff Works.”

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Outreach, from the inside out

Will Baker

How can churches recognize seasons of change or need in people only tangentially connected to the congregation?

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Baptists on the other side of anger

Mike Smith

Moving on means being committed to a few powerful intentions.

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Living, dying and laughing

Gary Cook

A way of looking at the days to come.

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Baptists’ way forward — repentance & forgiveness

Marv Knox

It’s time to move on.

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From libraries to launching pads

Barrett Owen

Today’s seminary students can’t commit their time and lives to an educational institution. That’s going to require a shift in assumptions about theological education.

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Taking the headlines to God

Carol Davis Younger

If globes and newspapers were on our Wednesday night church supper tables, would that widen the scope of our compassion?

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Alban: A death and a resurrection

George Bullard

It’s time for those who desire to help congregations to reconceptualize their ministry.

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How can ex-SBCers move forward if they’re not even ‘ex’?

Mark Wingfield

Congregations that fail to state a clear identity ultimately fail to thrive.

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The nagging question

Miguel De La Torre

For people of color in the United States, even the most routine events might have a subtext.

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About the ex-SBCers: It’s complicated

Trey Lyon

What I believe is important, but it becomes much more important in community — when what I believe is shaped and formed and challenged by what you believe.

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Playing the ‘apocalyptic bomb’ card

Rodney Kennedy

Saying that the proponents of same-sex marriage must be wrong, because if they are right bad things will occur, is not a credible argument.

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Rethinking the atonement

Chuck Queen

Is it possible to understand the saving significance of Jesus’ death in credible, holistic and transformative ways?

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